Dear Friends,

After careful consideration regarding the events currently unfolding both abroad and domestically, we at Venue 45 will be closed due the Governor’s Order.  We are not able to do take out food orders at this time.

We are commited to the safety and well being of our staff and guests, as well as the community. At the end of the day, whether you believe the current situation merits these actions or not, we had to look at the potential risks and really ask ourselves if it was worth the possibility of exposing either ourselves or someone else.

We have multiple staff and immediate family members of staff who fall well within the high risk category, and we feel that in addition to the personal risk, there also exists a social responsibility to consider other members of the community who might fall into this group as well.

Things like this have happened before, and they will likely play out again in some fashion in the future, but it’s up to us to come together now as a community locally and at large to do our part to be safe. We can always sort out who was right or wrong later, and who did or didn’t overreact, but right now our focus should be on safety. The quicker we act, the faster the recovery will be, and that’s that much sooner we can all go back to normal life.

We know not all businesses will agree with or even be in a position to make this decision, and we respect each and every individual’s right to respond how they see fit. We will tentatively reopen on Wednesday, April 8th, but will be monitoring the situation daly to determine if opening sooner or later is appropriate.

From the staff and ownership at Venue 45

Thank you and be safe

UPDATE: 3/30  – Due to continuing shelter-in-place restrictions, Venue 45 will remain closed until further notice.

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